Maya - A Waldorf inspired Heirloom Doll


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Meet Maya - A Waldorf inspired Handmade heirloom Doll

Maya is a lover of the ocean! her job as a marine biologist takes her all around New Zealand studying our diverse marine life. Her favourite animal is the octopus, as she know just how smart and octopus can be! Maya loves nothing better than to pack a picnic and hike along the cliffs of Auckland's coastlines, dipping into secret bays, where she can potter in rockpools and look for specimens. On her walks she often takes her sketch book, and makes little pencil drawings of interesting shells and sea life she finds in the rockpools. A hot cup of tea  and some baking warms her up after wind swept beach walks.

Maya comes dressed in a removable cotton dress, stretch cotton legwarmers, cotton cardigan , leather ag and stretch cotton head and. 

She will arrive in a cotton or wool drawstring bag for her protection.

My collection of Waldorf dolls are inspired by traditional Waldorf doll making techniques, using a wool core head to "sculpt a beautiful face and arms. I have then combined my own style of doll making and love of textiles to create unique Waldorf style dolls with cloth body and arms. Faces are left deliberately simple in order for a child to impart their own imagination on their doll. The wool used to layer inside the head is warm and retains scent, imparting a feeling of comfort and familiarity for your child. Each doll is handmade, takes up to 10 hours to complete, and is a unique, one off design. I only ever make one of each style. 

Materials: Pure NZ Wool,  organic cotton, vintage fabrics and new fibrefill

Skin Fabric is De Witte Engel interlock Jersey fabric - the gold standard in doll making!

Caring for your doll: 

Waldorf Dolls are made for play, but not for the washing machine! Please spot clean any small marks, or hand wash gently with a ph neutral detergent, such as Eco Store. lay flat in a warm spot to dry, out of direct sunlight. 

Rosy cheeks will fade with time, feel free to top up those cheeks with beeswax crayon or a tiny amount of blush.

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